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Welcome to my page. My name is Valerie J. Routhieaux. I enjoy retirement life, and that simply means, I’m free to do what I love best, write.

I began writing at an early age. However, I did not go down the publishing road until 1980, when I began my first book, Joanne, now called Scarred, a historical novel published in 2012 and is in its third edition. Scarred is the first in the Colonial America series with Manifest Destiny, published in 2013; Stowaway, published in 2014; and Freedom’s Cry, published in 2017. I also published Thread of Evidence published in 2019, Vendetta, published in 2021 in the Island Paradise mystery series, and Legacy, a mystery/romance published in 2020.

I will publish Where Eagles Soar early next year. A 10-book science-fiction series is in the works. I have one book finished New Horizons – Predators and Blue Fire, and just started New Horizons – Dominion.

I needed to learn how to write and subscribed to two magazines: Writer’s Digest Magazine¬†and The Writer. Both had invaluable information that set my feet on the road to where I am today, a published author. Along the way, I also took a course from the Institute of Children’s Literature and received a diploma in 2006. It wasn’t long before I published my first short story in an Ezine, where I had two short stories published, and then published my first novel in 2012.

Among my hobbies are reading, swimming, and spending time with my children and grandchildren. I am a member of the YWCA where I swim every morning as the weather allows and also work out in the fitness center.

You can find my books on I hope you will take the time to check them out.

Thank you for getting to know me.

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